Attributes of a Good International School in Thailand

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The number of parents taking their children to international schools in Thailand has seen a sharp increase. The quality of education offered in such institutions is clearly one of the reasons. Taking your child to an international school is a big decision that will change the path of his/her future. But how do you pick a good international school for your child? 

According to warehouseroad, the following are some attributes of an effective international school in Thailand.

Small classes

A teacher with a small number of students is able to reach every learner and cater to their specific needs. This also creates a closer relationship between the teachers and students. When learners are comfortable with their teacher, communication is effective. They are able to ask questions, master concepts, are more confident and good study habits are developed.

Good leadership

The quality of leadership in an international school does matter to a large extend. When the principal, the school board members and teachers all work harmoniously, students are able to perform better.  Effective leaders are proactive and nurture a school culture that is conducive to learning. An effective school principal will work together with the other teachers to improve their skills and is available when needed.

Frequent evaluation of students

Continuous assessment of learners helps to spot those who need help the most. This ensures they are given more support and extra instruction hours. The extra hours can either be during the course of the day or after classes to help such students get up to par with their peers. The assessment results allow teachers to identify difficult areas of learning so that they can come up with solutions to address the issue.

Conducive learning environment

The school should be clean, safe and thought-provoking to encourage learning. The learners and staff should all feel respected and work towards one goal of knowledge acquisition. Teaching should be more customized to meet each learners needs, as well as increase student teacher contact.

Good communication and collaboration

There should be a strong teamwork among all the members of staff. All the teaching staff despite their subject areas or grades should work together. Every member of staff connects to one another, parents and other member of the community, to recognize problems and come up with solutions.

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