How International Schools in Thailand Recruit Teachers

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If you’ve been thinking of applying to work at an International School Thailand, now might be the best time to do so. It is a life-changing experience that will open your eyes to the diversity of the world, while also rewarding you excellently at the same time.

Their recruitment process is carried out in two ways primarily. British curriculum schools post their vacancies on the TES website, while other curriculum schools normally enlist the help of specialized agencies. The second biggest sought after curriculum in international schools in Thailand is American, falling right behind the British.

The following forums are where you need to ahead if you’re currently in search of a job at an international school in Thailand.

TES is the go-to website for education professionals in the UK. Recruiting an overseas individual is quite a lengthy process and has to begin earlier than normal. Once a professional is shortlisted based on their CV, leaders from the international school in question fly out to the UK to see the teacher in action. If flying is not feasible, a video is required to be submitted for perusal. Once the candidate passes this stage, visa requirements, reference checks, and personal details are looked at in detail before sending the acceptance letter.

Other international schools in Thailand prefer outsourcing the lengthy task of settling on a suitable candidate. Hence, recruitment agencies happily take off the burden from their shoulders. These agencies are then responsible for assessing individuals for the qualifications before referring them to the international schools looking to fill their vacancies.

Some schools also provide the option to apply directly through their website. This option serves to be quite suitable for applicants, as they can tailor their CVs and cover letters to match the job description perfectly.

Job fairs are held every year in Thailand in multiple cities. International schools, hence, rally their staff to real in prospective candidates who would be great additions to their school. Moreover, job fairs aren’t always held in the same country as the job. For example, a job fair in the UK might be seeking employees for Asia.

With the job market down due to coronavirus, teaching at an international school in Thailand might be the best option for you. You could benefit from the exposure, and imagine how great your CV will look with international experience! Please visit The American School of Bangkok.

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